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Wild Heart Foundation
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Wild Heart Foundation South Africa is a not for profit organisation aiming to benefit previously disadvantaged South Africans. A thread of supporting local conservation, especially  in areas of historically relatively low human impact (often termed “wilderness”) runs throughout the work. Specific features of the work are:

Helping to build capacity, eg, leadership development and training ability, literacy
Helping to develop wellbeing, eg, developing self-confidence
Working with all generations
At times integrating the work with other cultural groups enhancing communications and relationships cross culturally.

Starting small, the ultimate aim is to use a “wilderness centre”, hopefully based in KwaZuluNatal, to be run and developed by local people for local people in accordance with local qualities, culture and needs.

The intention is to help people discover and build on their strengths and resources and learn new skills chosen by them, or where children are concerned, as supported by parents, carers, teachers and guardians.

Early work is likely to be ad-hoc, as links are made with local organisations and leaders who welcome the work and offer support. That said, the aim of initial core work with adults is first to identify and then train a group of people in leadership, communication, relationship and training skills, combined with awareness of and appreciation for the natural environment. This group would be a core, both in cascading out of the training and in further developing the WHFSA, and the hope is that from this core some local trustees can be identified and  brought on board.

The intention is to be creative and flexible in order to maximise local, volunteer and other support and to match local needs as far as possible, within the aims and objectives of the WHFSA.

We are a charity registered with HMRC.

HMRC Charities Ref Number: EW02741