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Fezufunda Eco Environmental Youth Development

Fezufunda Eco Environmental Youth Development is an environmental education centre founded in 2013  which started to be operational in 2015. Fezufunda is based in the Rural Area of the Eastern Cape in KeiMouth. They are working with the community on environmental conservation, sustainable farming and well-being. One of their projects is to rehabilitate terrapins which have been found in a state of degradation. You will find details of this story here.

How we would use donations?

We have asked Lihle, the project leader, to send us some detailed information how they would use donations from the Wild Heart foundation. Depending on the amount we can raise, this will be spent:

  • in the community: environmental education and awareness is still the key in our community and it all begins by planting the seeds by organising the cleaning campaign, cleaning the streams collecting rubbish and plastics that are polluting the earth and water. All of the pollution runs down to our rivers. The country is also running out of water due to drought  so the organisation is doing a bit of education about water in the community. The contribution we make makes a difference.
  • on permaculture gardens: these are one of the sustainable sources of food. We all need to learn to utilize the little piece of land that we have in a sustainable way. With R5000 (around £230) we are looking to buy tools for ten  people to start the project. Tools we need are (10) Watering Cans, (10) hoer( igejo), seeds  etc. We believe this  approach while being only a small change helps the community to sustain itself by selling the food grown in the garden as cooperatives. It will also be used to supply the nearest pre school.
  • safety: this has to be the main focus when working with society. The organisation will train 6 people to do first aid level one, train them on herbicide accreditation level one to enable them to protect themselves when working on rehabilitation projects such as with  the terrapins.
  • Wilderness: there is nothing as powerful as the power of the wilderness. Were we to raise R10 000 (just under £ 500) we would be able to take young people and the community on a wilderness trail to experience the healing and nurturing wilderness can give. We believe that by doing so the community will benefit a lot. Wilderness experience is a lifetime experience. It creates stories and pictures  that will never be removed from a person’s memory and accompany them throughout their life, instilling the wish to protect and nurture.


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