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Thank you all for coming to the charity walk “South to North” on August 27th of 2017 and to those of you who sponsored a participant!

The walk took us from the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, south of the river Thames, through the Greenwich foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs and then along the rivers which contribute to the Thames to Stratford.

The walk gives a good impression of the industrial history of London and the UK:

DSC_0199The Cutty Sark is the oldest surviving tea clipper, built in 1869 in Scotland, with an extraordinary history.

The Greenwich foot tunnel was opened in 1902 and allowed workers who lived south of the river to walk to their workplaces in the docks and wharfs of the Isle oCanary wharff Dogs. It replaced an unreliable and expensive ferry service.

Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs are now a representation of London as a City of Finance.


We also walked along the River Lea and the Three Mills Wall River, both part of the elaborate transport system which allowed the factories further north in the country to be connected to the river Thames and its port. Canal and torchThree Mills itself is the oldest tidal mill in the world, producing energy for centuries.

Our walk ended in the Olympic Park in Stratford.


We collected around £100 which we want to use to support our project enabling young people to reach their potential in an environmentally sustainable way.


Note: All photos taken by Ulrike Hotopp

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