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Wild Heart Foundation
9, Fairglen Cottages
Fairglen Road, Wadhurst,
East Susssex,
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1892 782980
T: +27 (0)712 632944

  • By showing interest and receiving newsletters
  • By spreading the word
  • By donating
  • By introducing interested people, potential co-workers, benefactors and so on
  • By offering resources
  • By offering time. The range of practical help is huge: admin, legal, accounting, flyer stuffing, putting on fund raising events, phoning potential supporters, design work..and so on..through development work with the clients or more substantial partnership.
  • By offering support with teaching Zulu or local/cultural history to potential workers/volunteers
  • By offering local contacts and resources
  • Donations/sponsorship
  • Ideas welcome!

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