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On first visiting South Africa, I fell in love with the bush. Each time I returned, I met more and more people from all sorts of cultures. Over and over I felt impressed and inspired by the heart, wisdom, spirit, generosity, resilience and capability of so many South Africans.

In 2006 I committed to begin a not for profit to benefit previously disadvantaged South Africans by helping develop confidence and leadership skills in the cultures that haven’t received a decent education and to combine this with environmental education.


March 2007 saw me sponsoring a group of four previously disadvantaged South Africans to do a 6 night wilderness trail in the iMfolosi wilderness, KwaZuluNatal, run by the Wilderness Leadership School, followed by a 3 day workshop in a bush camp. Although I had previously delivered 2 days of coaching to students of the Southern African Wildlife College in Hoedspruit and had seen students run with the work and put it to powerful use, this was the first time I had used the work solely with South Africans, and I wondered if my work would be helpful. Additionally I had a huge concern about how I would offer work that brought out the best in the participants without imposing western ideas and values. I am sure that my work was imperfect, and over time there’ll be lots I’ll change. Nevertheless, I noticed the four develop in confidence, and I was touched and encouraged by the Zulu guide reflecting at the end of the workshop “you are really helping these people”. I trust him not to bullshit me, so I took that as a sign I’m on the right lines! Follow up calls with 2 of the participants, and news about a third, 6 months later confirmed that the work was welcome and sustainable.

I had intended to do a session on ecology during the workshop, hoping to encourage awareness and care of precious wilderness areas. I didn’t need to: the wilderness did its work, and on trail one of the many lively conversations was begun by the participants: how do we go back to the city and share this experience and the importance of these places?

The recession has put a full stop to me sponsoring any more work for the time being. However, I have used my spare time to develop links and improve my cultural knowledge and learn some Zulu.

Next Steps

Offers of help have been warmly received, and now is the time to see who would like to join the venture and bring their skills to help form the next steps of the project in a practical way working with locals in KZN. Please contact me if you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.


For a core of previously disadvantaged South Africans to be running a wilderness centre for the development of skills and wellbeing and conservation awareness in KwaZuluNatal.

For all ages to be involved, with specific programmes for children.

For work on building relationships with other local communities to be an established part of the centre.

Ultimately I want to run this in partnership with others who are excited by the vision, and together keep re-dreaming the vision so it becomes a potent synthesis evolving to respond to talent and resources available and the needs on the ground.