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Wild Heart Foundation
9, Fairglen Cottages
Fairglen Road, Wadhurst,
East Susssex,
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1892 782980
T: +27 (0)712 632944

In March 2015 we were able to send money to our four main projects for the first time. Dividing the £1000 we had collected between our sponsored projects was a difficult decision. In the end we gave £250 to each: the Ndwedwe Project, the Newlands Youth Organisation, the Sizakal Creche and Vukukhanye project.
We had found a financial service provider for the transfers who doesn’t charge charities any fee. This means 100% of the money we had collected from our donors went into supporting these projects. No loss on admin or overheads. It was a very special feeling to know that our work helped children to learn and play, and their mothers to earn a living in a save environment.

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