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Fezufunda Eco Environmental Youth Development is an environmental education centre founded in 2013 which started to be operational in 2015. Fezufunda is based in the Rural Area of the Eastern Cape in KeiMouth. We are working with the rural Schools and Community from KeiMouth down to Matthau and now spreading to KwaZulu Natal province.

Fezufunda is a company that deals with environmental issues in different ways by running workshops, raising awareness, delivering education projects and exhibitions. The company’s trend is to take students and communities on experiential learning in Nature. By doing so the people get a chance and opportunity to feel, touch and connect with the environment and Nature.

The centre is built inside the reserve, a few kms from the ocean. We have discovered that not far from the ocean there is a sewage plant. In this polluted environment we have found terrapins living in ponds of sewage. Terrapins normally live in clean water! It shocks and amazes us as environmentalists and environmental educators that they have survived. The sight of suffocating animals in the polluted sewage is the reason why we are now going out knocking on people’s doors to raise funds that can help us save these animals.

We are planning to build a pool in the Fezufunda Centre where we will rehabilitate these Terrapins. We will also use them for education. Pollution, in some cases caused or worsened by Climate Change is another reason why some of our species are endangered. Education is one way of addressing this.

polluted pool terrapin

The polluted Sewage where we have found the Terrapins. The Terrapin on the right is running into the sewage.

potential design

An Example of the Pool we would like to build for the Terrapins.

The Support

The Fezufunda team has done lots of research regarding the terrapins and we have spoken to experts. We have consulted East London (SA) Museum and are working with them to rehabilitate these animals. They will give us a lot of support. We have also built a relationship with the veterinarians in KeiMouth and in East London; they are excited about the initiative and keen to assist us. The good news is one of the founders of Fezufunda has a background in rehabilitating animals. He has been working for 7 years with a big organization that is rehabilitating sea birds and other animals.

Below is a rough outline of the budget required to take this project forward and a schedule of how support from Wild Heart could make a difference.


QTY TOTAL: 1.      20 BAGS OF CEMENT @ R98.00 PER BAG R 1 960.00 2.      8 BINDING MASH OF 4.2m x 4.2m R 1800.00 each R 14 400.00 3.      2 TONS OF BUILDING SAND @ R 450. 00 PER TON R    900. 00 4.      12 GUM POLES OF 1 METRE @ R 89.00 EACH R 1 068.00 5.      2 TONS OF GRAVEL R 1 460.00 6.      2 x 11km PUMPS @ R 3 600.00 EACH R 7 200.00 7.      PRC PIPE 14 meters R 940. 00 8.      REMOVING OF SAND IN THE PIT R 2000.00 R 2000. 00 9.      8 x 20 LITRES OF PAINT @ R658.00 EACH R 5 200.00 10.  1 x LABOUR (BUILDER) @ R 280. 00 PER DAY FOR 2 WEEKS R 2 800.00 11.  2 x CEMENT MIXER (PERSON ASSISTING THE BUILDER) @ R 80.00 EACH FOR TWO WEEKS. R 3 200.00 12.  DELIVERY OF THE MATERIAL (TRANSPORT) FROM EAST LONDON TO KEIMOUTH R 672. 00                                                                                                                 GRAND TOTAL R 40 000.00